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Traveling into Eastern Europe – Georgia

Traveling into Eastern Europe – Georgia

Georgia is slightly smaller than Austria or the Republic of Ireland and under half the size of the American state of Georgia. More than half this area lies above 900m and almost 40% is wooded. The country’s dominant feature is, of course, the High Caucasus range which forms its northern border. Although its highest peak, Elbruz (in fact Europe’s highest peak at 5,642m) lies wholly within the Russian Federation, Georgia does have three peaks over 5,000m (Shkhara, Janga and Mkinvartsveri)

There is quite a wide range of climates in Georgia, from the warm, humid, subtropical Black Sea Coast, via the colder, wet, alpine climate of the High Caucasus, to the arid steppes of the east.
When to visit and what

Georgia may not suffer as much from energy shortages these days, but winter is still not the smartest time to visit, unless you are just interested in Tbilisi and the ski resorts. High summer can be too hot and humid, but spring and autumn are ideal times to visit; in particular the golden autumn colours can be spectacular, and the wine harvest makes this a great time to visit Kakheti.

Almost all itineraries start in the capital, Tbilisi, although it is also common to arrive in Georgia at Kutaisi Airport or overland from Turkey in Batumi. From Tbilisi, it is easy to head east for a couple of days to Kakheti to enjoy a bit of wine tourism and visit the ancient monasteries of Davit-Gareja. If you are going to Georgia for longer period I would suggest this route follow the option west to Kutaisi for an optional side-trip north to Racha, then you can also divert to Stepantsminda on the way back to Tbilisi, before finishing in Kakheti, east of the capital – in addition to wine, there is also the Tusheti National Park, perhaps Georgia’s most remote wilderness.

Getting there

Most likely by plane traveling directly from western Europe or North America, you have little choice but to fly; however, almost all the schedules are pretty inconvenient and there are no longer any direct flights from London. For more information about flights and fare head over our website and compare all possible choices.

Money and Banking

Georgia has it own currency the lari (GEL), which is divided into 100 tetri. ATMs can now be found in al cities and larger towns and in many small rural towns; they are safe and reliable and the obvious way to found your travels.
Did you find this article interesting or perhaps are you interested in Georgia, check out our section “travel videos” and watch video from our journey and discover beauty of this country.

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